Why are you shutting down?

Why are you shutting down?

This is a difficult question to answer, but I understand why people want to know. 

To keep it simple, the demand and need for this show has wanned over the years. It started 10 years ago to fill the need for people asking for a showcase that wasn't a competition, and all these years later, that is no longer an empty space in the market, which is incredible! 

Especially with coming out of COVID, the business plan that we had in place for Pole Presentational is incongruent with the world we are in now. We were looking to expand the virtual showcases, but the interest in those simply isn't there, and that is understandable as in-person shows come back into play.

Changes happen, doors that close will open others. My time and focus will be switching to other media productions and video creation, so for those that did love participating in the virtual shows and want to be a part of what is coming up, please reach out and I will make sure you are in the know.  


Why not sell Pole Presentational? Is there a way I can (volunteer/fundraise) to help keep it going?

I don't want to get into the specifics of this decision not to sell, as they are rather personal in nature to my situation.

As to the offers of volunteering and funding, they are very much appreciated, but it's simply not a case of a lack of volunteers or funding that is making this decision. 

What I will say, is that if someone is looking to host shows but need someone to ask questions and get some contacts, I will be more than happy to grab a coffee with you and have a chat.  


I am so grateful to have been a part of this shows history, and to give it the final send off it deserves. Thank you to everyone who either participated in a show we hosted, volunteered to help run them, sponsored performers, and came to the shows - you are what makes these events worth the sweat and tears.