Audience FAQ

 Why do we call ourselves the first  “independently-produced” show in the Bay Area?

The pole community is full of many amazing pole studios who put on shows throughout the year. However, those shows generally require you to be a student at that studio in order to perform. We are not affiliated with any studio, are all-inclusive and welcome anyone who wants to perform. No submission video or skill set required to get on stage with us, so we are able to host a wide variety of talents and performers.  

Are these shows appropriate for children?

We do not censor performers into a "family friendly" performance. We don't police children being in the audience, as we allow parents to make the decision for what is appropriate, but you should be aware that music is not censored for profanity or suggestive lyrics, costumes can be as revealing as a itty-bitty bikini, and choreography can be sexually suggestive. 

Is this a competition?

No. We have no judges and no scoresheet at any show. 

How do I be a good spectator?

CHEER!!! Hoot, holler, cheer and clap anytime you see something awesome! It could be a heel clack, a cool trick, or even just a move on a beat you appreciate. The pole community loves a loud audience, and you know you've been to a good show when you lose your voice by the end of the night! 

What are the COVID policies?

Each show will be handled differently according to the venue's requirements. Please see the ticket product page for details on the show you want to attend. 

When do I know when my friend/family member is performing/when does the day of the event schedule get released?

The day-of-event schedule will be released within a week of the show day via email to our performers, and a program will be available to spectators. If you want to be emailed the program, please sign up to our newsletter.   

I bought a ticket and no longer can attend. Can I get a refund?

    Tickets are non-refundable but we can transfer* them to a future show. Please send us an email ( Note: Not all events are eligible as we do not handle the box office for all events.