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Performer Information

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To register for any of our events, please visit this page to pick the show you want to register for and submit your information. You must agree to receive emails from us. Email is our primary way of delivering information to performers; check your spam filter and your "promotions" folders for our emails. ​​​​​​​

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Entry fees are payable when you submit your entry form. Entry fees are not refundable for any reason except cancellation of the event. Doubles and Groups pay the full entry fee per performer and each entrant must register independently. Entrants wishing to do multiple performances pay the entry fee separately for each performance.

Performers may be of any sex/gender.

Prompt communication and meeting deadlines is an essential part of a successful and fair event. Performers will be clearly notified of all deadlines and must agree to meet all deadlines as indicated. The Pole Presentational reserves the right to eliminate, at any point prior to the event, any performer who fails to comply with deadlines.



The maximum length for all Pole Presentational performers is 3:00 minutes.

Music mixes or mash-ups are permitted.

Clean edits/radio edits are not required. We just ask that you use good judgement with lyrics.

Pole Presentational will not stop, edit, cut or fade music not in compliance with these rules.

Music is to be uploaded to the emailed folder by the deadline, in .mp3 format. .WAV and other formats will not be accepted. 

Performers should bring their music on a device easily connected via AUX cord (e.g. cell phone, tablet, etc.) as a backup.

Costumes and Shoes:

We encourage creativity in your choice of costume!

Removal of portions of your costume is allowed as long as remaining pieces are compliant with the following guidelines.

No full or partial nudity is allowed. Intimate body parts must be covered at all times.

Men may be topless.

Women must have breast coverage. Triangle bikini tops are discouraged as they may easily cause “wardrobe malfunctions.”

No tassels or pasties are permitted.

No G-strings, thong bottoms or string bikini bottoms are permitted.

Performers may wear boots, shoes or perform in bare feet.

Photography and Filming:

All performers will be required to sign a photo and video release. Videos and photographs from the event will be used for future promotions of Pole Presentational products and events, including but not limited to press releases, website features, television/film, flyers, etc.

Pole Presentational prohibits audience members and performers from downloading, torrenting, or replicating the event in any way. 


Pole Presentational is not liable for any injury or damage incurred by any performer or performer during any stage of the event. Pole Presentational  cannot be responsible for any damage to property or injury to persons or third parties during the use of studio poles, home poles, or other apparatuses used in relation to the event. 

Pole Presentational reserves the right to refuse any entry.

Pole Presentational reserves the right to stop a performance at any time due to safety concerns or a breach of the rules.

Entry fees are not refundable. In the case of a global pandemic we will make the necessary accommodations for our performers.

Entry fees are payable when you submit your entry form.

Health and Safety:

Performers must be in good physical health. Pole Presentational reserves the right to prevent a performer from participating if it appears that the performer is not fit to do so safely or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

All dancers and volunteers will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the building. Face coverings (masks) are required at all times with the exception of performers during their filmed run. 

Due to social distancing measures, performers are not permitted to bring guests backstage. No makeup or hair artists, coaches, etc. may accompany dancers into the building.

Performers and volunteers must comply with all social distancing measures put in place by government authorities, Pole Presentational, and/or affiliated third parties while inside and immediately outside of the building including, but not limited to: donning a face covering, remaining distanced from other performers and volunteers, staying within marked boundaries, and following the one-way flow of traffic through the building.

Poles and Staging:

There will be a single pole on stage. The pole will be set to spin or static as the performer choses.

Props and Grip Aids:

Props must be approved by event organizers via email no later than 1 week (7 days) from show day.

Props may not include any glass items and may not leave excessive debris on the floor such as glitter or feathers. No hazardous materials, and no pyrotechnics or fire are permitted.

Performers will be responsible for placing their own props on stage prior to their performance. Pole cleaners, staff and event volunteers are not allowed to place props on stage for performers.

Grip aids may not be applied to the poles, but are permitted on performers’ bodies. Gloves may be used.

Performers must not apply any lotions, creams, oils or any other substances that might rub off on the pole for 24 hours prior to the event. Body paints are allowed only in areas that will not make contact with the pole.

No grip aids containing paraffin or other waxes will be permitted.

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 Deadline** NCPP 2023
Early Bird registration opens November 25, 2022
Regular registration opens June 2023
Registration closes*  End of August

Music & Prop submissions due

Program details are finalized (No changes to stage name, intro, level, etc)

Early September

Performer Line-up announced

Mid September

Show day

TBD - Early October


*Registration will close either on the dates listed above or when positions are filled - spaces are limited.

**Deadlines will be finalized by May, 2023. 

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Themes & Inspirations

Choose a theme for your routine! We love a theme, but we don’t want to dive too deep into what your routine should look like - we want to see your own personal interpretation. Get creative and have fun! Whatever these look like to you looks good to us.


Lift people's spirits and make them smile and laugh! Add a little rhythm fun and flair into the air! 


A little Blue? Have a story to tell? Put it all on stage and let us ride it out with you. 


Feelin' some type a way? Wanna make us feel some type a way? We're here for it! 


 Yeah we get it. We're here for that too. Bring it. 


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Levels & Categories 

Level 1 - I'm gonna barf, please cheer

Hi, I'm new here, I've never done this before and I'm scared, but I'm doing it anyway because I'm a boss. Please cheer loudly to drown out my nerves.

What you may or may not see: Spins, Climbs and maybe some really cool right side up moves.

Level 2 - Eeeeek but also YAY!

I know I've been doing this for a bit now but oh my gosh it's scary still, but mostly I LOVE IT! I have a few new moves that I'm excited to perform. You'll know it because I'll be uncontrollably happy when I nail them.

What you may or may not see: Inverts and upside down moves with a lot of contact to the pole.

Level 3 - I think I found my groove

It's getting easier to get in the zone before I hit the stage. I've done a few of these now, and I have my favorite go-to moves in my back pocket. I found my flow and I listen to my music and stretch to calm my nerves. I've worked hard on a few new tricks I can't wait to show you! I think I've got this.

What you may or may not see: Aerial inverts, and one armed spins, so many upside down moves, maybe even a few in a row.

Level 4 - I have some awesome moves

I'm ready for this! Not only do I have my back pocket moves, I have a few crowd-pleasers too! You'll know when you see them because you'll be like "WOAH!" I can't wait to put this on stage!

What you may or may not see: Some 2 point holds, and an aerial spin or two.

Level 5 - Get ready to be impressed

Get ready to be impressed. I've done this so many times I have a section of my closet dedicated to costumes. You probably follow me on insta and if you don't you will after this routine. You'll probably comment "Thank you" on my cool posts. #YoureWelcome.

What you may or may not see: What won't you see?!

Doubles/Groups - Gotta get with my friends!

I think the best part of being on stage is sharing the stage (or screen!) Dancing in unison or doing partner skills is my idea of a good time. I'm going to call my pole fam now and remind them of that pole routine we've always wanted to do together! 

Logistics: Each person in the duet or group will have to register separately but you will perform together.  

Freestyles- Why Not!

You know what I can do anytime I want? Dance to a random song on a playlist. You know what I can't do? Dance to a random song while other people are watching me from the comfort of their own homes! Sounds like a dream, a super weird, interesting, scary dream. But a dream nonetheless!

Logistics: We will pick a song for you to perform too and you will find out what the song is after you take your starting pose on stage. For virtual shows- If you are filming from home we will send you a track and trust that you won't listen to it before you press play and give us your truest freestyle. If you opt into the studio shoot, it would be like the in person event, where you take a starting pose, we start the music, and GO! 

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