NCPP 2022 Performer Info

NCPP 2022 Performer Info

    We are so excited to announce our first in person show since 2019 at Mountain View Center for Performing Arts! 

    There are two showtimes to chose from - 2pm & 6pm. This will not be like a competition where you come in with the spectators and they can leave between sets - you get a full performer experience, coming in through backstage and the full attention of the spectators while on stage! 

    This stage is unlike any we've done before! We will have a single pole (set to performer choice of spin or static) in the center of a floor stage with the audience on risers on 3 out of the 4 sides (the 4th will be the curtain that you enter). There is no "front" and the truss will be parallel to the left and right risers up the center of the stage. 

    PLEASE CHECK FOR OUR EMAILS REGULARLY. It is not uncommon that they are filtered into spam and promotional - without them, you will not be able to see a floorplan of the space, and will not be able to upload your music for your performance. 

    Ready to take center stage? Registration opens June 18th!

    Key FAQs & Expectations:

    • What if I have an exposure to COVID-19 and/or symptoms leading up to the performance?
      • If you have a known exposure to someone with COVID-19 and/or have any symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, etc.) we must ask that you please STAY HOME! Please contact us directly at for next steps. We will help you arrange for an alternate shoot option and/or refund.  
    • Do I need to wear PPE (e.g. a mask, etc.)?
      • No. We ask that you are vaccinated or take a COVID test prior to coming for the show. If you are more comfortable with a mask, please feel free to wear one. 
    •  Can I bring people?
      • As spectators, your guests are free to purchase tickets to the show. As anything else - hairdressers, photographers, etc - please do not bring them. We are limited in backstage area, and your fellow performers will need that space to get ready themselves. 
    • What about my music?
      • We will have detailed instructions on music submission in our email correspondents. Please bring a backup copy of your music just in case (on your phone, USB, or other connectable device).
    • Can I get photo/video packages?
      • Yes - we will announce this at a later date. Please check your email regularly. 
    • What is the stage set up like?