Want to ensure everyone has a chance to be on stage, regardless of financial circumstances? 

We believe that too, and so do dozens of your fellow pole community members. Since 2020 we have been so blessed to be able to give over 25 performers the ability to perform with a reduced or eliminated entry fee, thanks to amazing people like you supporting the scholarship program. 

If you want to support our performers, please go to this page where you can choose to sponsor virtual, in-person, or give a gift card to a specific performer. . 

Want to perform, but need some financial assistance?

Applying is easy; just fill out this form. If you want to perform but are hesitant due to finances, we want to support your opportunity to take the stage; please apply. We cannot give assistance if we're not told you need it! 

All scholarship recipients will remain anonymous; if selected you will receive an email accepting your application and a registration code to reserve your performance space in the show.