Frequently Asked Questions

When is NCPP?

NCPP 2020 will be on Saturday, October 24th. Performance times still to come. 

How much experience do I have to have to perform?

No experience necessary! We encourage all skill levels to get on stage and have fun. Brand new pole dancers to seasoned professionals all are welcomed to the stage!

Do I have to be submit to be accepted into the show?

No! Our performance spaces are given out to all levels on a first come first serve basis. Once we sell out we will have a waitlist for any performer that wishes to perform but missed out and we will let them know if any space opens up.

How long can my song be?

The song limit is 3 minutes 30 seconds. You are welcome to perform to a song less than 3:30, but if it exceeds the time limit it will need to be edited. Check back soon for music editing services.

What level do I choose?

We have several levels that you can choose from ranging from Level 1 (I'm gonna barf, please cheer!) to Level 5 (Get ready to be impressed!). We want you to be comfortable with whichever level you choose, there is no wrong answer. To read all of the level descriptions click here.

Are there move restrictions in the lower levels?

No. There are no move restrictions and no compulsory moves in our levels. We welcome everyone from very first time performers to seasoned veterans to our stage! Keep in mind that you are not competing, so choosing your level doesn’t have to be stressful! For more level descriptions click here.

Is this show appropriate for children?

We suggest to not bring your children as this event may include suggestive music and/or dancing.

Is this a competition? Will I be judged on my performance?

No, and No. This is not a competition and any feedback is optional. We will have Feedback Coaches available for detailed written feedback 2 months before the event to give you all of the help and tips you need BEFORE you get to the stage!

Who are the Feedback Coaches?

The NCPP coaches will have vast experience both competing in and judging pole events. Don’t forget, this isn’t a competition, so the coaches will offer excellent written feedback to help you become a better performer. Stay tuned for announcements of who will be joining us! 

Do I have to be from the Northern California region in order to participate?

No! Any poler from any location is encouraged to participate in our event.

When do I know when I’m performing/when does the day of the event schedule get released?

The day-of-event schedule will be released after we close registration. It will be emailed out to all performers approximately 30 days before the event date. Please note that the schedule may change as polers change levels and/or drop out. Check back often to see if your start time has changed. 

How do I get photographs and videos of my performance?

We will have a photographer at the event. To purchase photo/video you will go directly through the photographer. You will be able to purchase photo/video after registration opens on June 1st.

Please note that the photographer is the exclusive photographer for NCPP. Performers and audience members may bring phones and tablets to photograph friends, but regular cameras are not allowed. Phones and tablets must not be held above shoulder level. 

Why did you move from an all day showcase format to a 2 show format?

The Bay Area pole community has grown substantially in number and skill level since NCPP began and we wanted to grow with you! As our local community has grown, so has the national and world community, we now have so many more opportunities to participate in events that follow the all day show format and we wanted to be a part of diversifying your performance experience!

The 2-show format also means that audience members will stay put for the whole show which means performers will have even more support to cheer them on!

Why do we call ourselves the only “independently-produced” show in the Bay Area?

The pole community is full of many amazing pole studios who put on shows throughout the year. However, those shows generally require you to be a student at that studio in order to perform. We are not affiliated with any studio, are all-inclusive and welcome anyone who wants to perform. No submission video or skill set required to get on stage with us! Just register and you're in! 

Where is the Historic Hoover Theater? Can I get there on public transit?

The Historic Hoover Theater is located at 1635 Park Avenue in San Jose. Ample parking is available. Please visit their website for directions and additional travel information:

Who is NCPP?

This event has been run by local pole dancers since its inaugural event August 23, 2014. We love this platform for pole dancers of all levels to perform in a safe and welcoming environment among our pole community. Our mission is to celebrate pole in its many forms!