ELEMENT Video Shoot Performer Info

ELEMENT Video Shoot Performer Info

Each performer will be assigned a 45 minute time slot during which they will be allowed indoors at the studio. Please help us ensure the well-being of all our participants by keeping a minimum of a 6-foot distance and following this flow:

  1. Private check-in (~5 min) – Location: Lobby
    1. Sanitize those hands!
    2. COVID-19 Screening 
    3. Waiver & Photo Release Signing
    4. PPE Check
  2. Change and warm up (~20 min) – Location: Warm-up Room
    1. You will have access to a private room equipped with mirrors, warm-up pole, and ample floor space. 
    2. When you leave this space and enter the performance space, please bring all belongings with you.
  3. Time to shine! (~15 min) – Location: Main Room Performance Space
    1. Dance your heart out! We will be cheering you on from the “wings”
    2. You’ll have a choice of using up to 2 poles (Xpole, chrome, 45mm, 12 ft max height) which can be adjusted to spin or static as you prefer.
    3. The shoot space will be set up with a black backdrop and sides to mimic a theatre setup
    4. Performance will be shot in one take. Treat it like a live performance.
  4. Cool down & say goodbye (~5 min) – Location: Main Room Performance Space 
    1. Catch your breath and smile, you nailed it!
    2. Our staff/volunteers will be cleaning the stage setup during this time.
    3. Gather your belongings and head out the marked exit.

Key FAQs & Expectations:

  • What if I have an exposure to COVID-19 and/or symptoms leading up to the shoot?
    • If you have a known exposure to someone with COVID-19 and/or have any symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, etc.) we must ask that you please STAY HOME! Please contact us directly at info@polepresentational.com for next steps. We will help you arrange for an alternate shoot option and/or refund.
  • What is the performance area setup like?
    • The shoot will be set up very similarly to our traditional stage layout. There will be a black backdrop, black side curtains, and two poles – you may opt to use one or both and let us know if you’d prefer spin or static. The shoot will be professionally lit and filmed by the talented Leah Marie. You will have one run to shoot, just like on stage. And it will be shot with 2 cameras to create an edited video of your performance. Your (small, but mighty) audience will be comprised of the cleaning crew members, and we can’t wait to cheer you on!
  • Do I need to wear PPE (e.g. a mask, etc.)?
    • Please wear a properly fitted mask covering your nose and mouth at all times while not physically active. Performers may remove their masks while warming up and/or performing.
    • Volunteers and staff will remain masked at all times unless eating or drinking in the designated area.
  •  Can I bring people?
    • While we normally love to welcome supporters, these are unusual times. Guests will not be permitted inside the building, but they are more than welcome to hang out in the parking lot for moral support.
  • What about my music?
    • Please upload your music to YouTube to confirm there are no copyright issues and email your music to info@polepresentational.com. We will be prepared to play your music at the shoot. However, please bring a backup copy of your music just in case (on your phone, USB, or other connectable device).
  • What’s the cleaning situation like?
    • We will be taking precautions well beyond the mandated regulations. The studio is set up to have a one-way flow of foot traffic with no more than 10 people in the building at a given time (well below the capacity limitations issued by authorities). Our staff will be cleaning as the performer leaves each space to move on to the next. For example: after check-in, the lobby is sanitized & once the performer leaves the warm-up room for the performance area, the warm-up room is sanitized, etc. This rolling clean-up schedule and one-way flow of traffic will ensure all surfaces and apparatuses are safe to touch. Bathrooms will be sanitized after each use.  
  • How do I get to the shoot?
    • Inspiration studios is located at 2682 Middlefield Rd Units N & O, Redwood City, CA 94063.  Turn towards to medical center on the train tracks, follow the road over the tracks past the locomotive cab; turn left down the aisle, Inspiration Studios is center left. There is ample free parking available.