ELEMENT Photo & Video package

We're happy to announce booking for ELEMENT is open with Knockingbird Creative! Film day is June 17th 2023

>> Book here! <<

 Watch our incredible performer Kasia Meow in our Nor Cal Pole Presentational 2021 showcase to get a sense of Knockingbird's amazing videography:

With this booking:


✨ Your stage will be professionally lit and filmed in a single take just like a performance.

✨ We use a glide-cam that artfully weaves between close-ups and wide shots to create a moving and dynamic capture.

✨ You have 2 opportunity to run your piece within your 15 minute session. You select your favorite takes.

✨ You will have access to a private practice pole for about 30 minutes to warm-up.

✨ Use of (2) 14ft chrome x-pole or a single point for aerial apparatus.


✨ Want performance photos? We are offering photography side by side with your video capture.

✨ Photos cannot be purchased without video.

✨ You select you 10 favorites images to be lightly edited



$149 for just the video, $250 for both photo & video