When is ELEMENT?

ELEMENT will Premiere on Saturday, July 9th at Cinemark in Redwood City and July 10th on YouTube. Performance times still to come. Registration opens April 1st. If you want to join, please visit our registration page!

How much experience do I have to have to perform?

No experience necessary! We encourage all skill levels to get on stage and have fun. Brand new pole dancers to seasoned professionals all are welcomed to the stage!

Do I have to be submit to be accepted into the show?

No! Our performance spaces are given out to all levels on a first come first serve basis. Once we sell out we will have a waitlist for any performer that wishes to perform but missed out and we will let them know if any space opens up.

How long can my song be?

The song limit is 3 minutes. You are welcome to perform to a song less than 3:00, but if it exceeds the time limit it will need to be edited. 

How do I submit my music for the video shoot?

Please upload your music to YouTube to confirm there are no copyright issues and email your music to info@polepresentational.com. We will be prepared to play your music at the shoot. However, please bring a backup copy of your music just in case (on your phone, USB, or other connectable device).

Are there move restrictions?

No. There are no move restrictions and no compulsory moves for this show. We welcome everyone from very first time performers to seasoned veterans to our stage! 

Is this show appropriate for children?

We suggest to not bring your children as this event may include suggestive music and/or dancing.

Is this a competition? Will I be judged on my performance?

No, and No. This is not a competition and there are no judges. Just the loving cheers of the virtual audience.

Do I have to be from the Northern California region in order to participate?

No! Any poler from any location is encouraged to participate in our event.

When do I know when I’m performing/when does the day of the event schedule get released?

The day-of-event schedule will be released within a week of the show day and you will be able to see when your performance will air in our virtual program. 

How do I get photographs and videos of my performance?

We have partnered with Leah Marie to provide a dual camera professional photo/video for this years event. For the first time ever we will be offering professionally edited videos of your performance to be used as your performance video. If you opt for a photo video package we will be doing all filming and photography on June 4th, 2022, at Inspiration Studios.

Due to social distancing measures, performers are not permitted to bring guests to the performance shoot. No makeup or hair artists, coaches, etc. may accompany dancers into the building.

For more information on Photo/Video visit our Rules Page.

Why do we call ourselves the first "independently produced" show in the Bay Area?

The pole community is full of many amazing pole studios who put on shows throughout the year. However, those shows generally require you to be a student at that studio in order to perform. We are not affiliated with any studio, are all-inclusive and welcome anyone who wants to perform. No submission video or skill set required to get on stage with us! Just register and you're in! 

Who is the Pole Presentational

This event has been run by Bay Area pole dancers since its inaugural event August 23, 2014. We love this platform for pole dancers of all levels to perform in a safe and welcoming environment among our pole community. Our mission is to celebrate pole in its many forms!