Q: What will happen to NCPP if there are still restrictions in play due to COVID-19?

A: While we cannot predict the future (anyone have a crystal ball we can borrow?), we have been working diligently to set the stage for a safe and exciting event. We will work within the limitations set forth by government authorities, which could include a) a socially distanced / limited audience (no change for performers), b) moving to an online performance format, c) rescheduling to a later date, or d) cancelling the event. If PPE is still appropriate at the time of the event, we will require all staff, attendees, and performers to don the appropriate gear – the only exception will be performers while on stage (government restrictions permitting). We are working with the venue to ensure proper sanitation precautions are taken as well.


Q: Is my registration refundable if the event is affected by COVID-19?

A: We understand there are many uncertainties at this time. Here is the game plan for a few key scenarios:

  1. The event is held with a socially distanced audience: Your registration is not refundable, but is transferrable. Our community groups are available to you to find a transferee.
  2. The event is moved to an alternate format (e.g. virtual performances): Your registration is refundable upon request via email to
  3. The event is rescheduled to an alternate date: Your registration is transferrable, and our community groups are available to you to find a transferee. We will work with performers unable to find a resolution as needed, email us at for help.
  4. The event is fully cancelled: In the unlikely event that NCPP is fully cancelled, your registration will be automatically refunded – no request needed.


Q: I live far away, what if the COVID-19 restrictions where I live are more limited than in San Jose?

A: Please follow your local guidelines, your health is the most important thing! Your registration is fully transferrable. If you are unable to secure a transferee, we will gladly refund your registration upon request via email to


Q: I am immunocompromised, is my registration and/or ticket transferrable or refundable?

A: Yes, of course. Please contact us at for assistance.


Q: I normally work with a coach to build my routines, what are my options if the studios are still closed?

A: We are working with a network of brilliant coaches to explore virtual routine-building and coaching options. Stay tuned for more! Announcements will be made periodically via our social media pages (link-Facebook, link-Instagram) and mailing list (subscribe here).


Q: I am interested in supporting NCPP as a virtual coach, volunteer, etc. How can I get involved?

A: First off, thank you! Email us at with details. We can’t wait to connect!


Q: I have more COVID-19 questions about the event, what do I do?

A: Email us at, we want to hear from you.