2021 Themes

Choose a theme for your routine! We love a theme, but we don’t want to dive too deep into what your routine should look like - we want to see your own personal interpretation. Get creative and have fun! Whatever these look like to you looks good to us.

In honor of NCPP 2021 falling on Halloween weekend, we have introduced a 5th theme: SCARY!



Lift people's spirits and make them smile and laugh! Add a little rhythm fun and flair into the air! 


A little Blue? Have a story to tell? Put it all on stage and let us ride it out with you.



Feelin' some type a way? Wanna make us feel some type a way? We're here for it!



 Yeah we get it. We're here for that too. Bring it. 




Boo! Celebrate Halloween weekend for NCPP 2021 by scaring our pants off (wait, are we even wearing pants?).