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There are new updates inside and outside of the pole community everyday and today we are a part of some changes. Hopefully these ones will bring you joy!

Today’s blog is for all of you scanners and non-readers out there like me! We have a few exciting new (and important) updates! If you’ve scoured every last word of the website you may have come across this already, but for those in the “read it later” camp I’ll include lots of skim-able photos and BIG LETTERS to highlight the really important things!

I tend to ramble so let’s just dive right into it! 

We’ve added themes!

Along with being able to choose from new levels (which you can read about here,) you will also get to choose a theme for your routine! The idea is that you use these themes more as prompts for your routine than as a strict guideline to what it should look like. Get creative, have fun and show us your personal interpretation! Whatever these look like to you look good to us.

This means when you register, you will now choose your level and which theme you want to perform under.

Our 2020 themes are:


Yellow Happy Face


Yellow Sad Face


Yellow sexy face with long eyelashes and heart shaped lips


yellow mad face with furrowed eyebrows and a frown

Next update:

1 Day, 2 Shows!

The Bay Area pole community has grown substantially in number and skill level since NCPP began and we wanted to grow with you! As our local community has grown, so has the national and world community, we now have so many more opportunities to participate in events that follow the all day show format and we wanted to be a part of diversifying your performance experience!

The 2-show format also means that audience members will stay put for the whole show which means performers will have even more support to cheer them on!

Another thing we’re all familiar with is the likelihood that we will have to practice some level of social distancing, and this will help us monitor the number of people in the venue for all of our safety.

Schedule: Will still be released with your performance time 30 days before the event and you will find out what show you are in. 


Thank you for scanning and continuing to ride with us on this journey to show day! Stay tuned for updates as things swerve and weave while we navigate this season of social distancing! 

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