So long, farewell, and thanks for all the fish flops

It's a bittersweet announcement we have today - Kimmy will be stepping back from Pole Presentational, and I (Kayla) will be taking over full time. 

Kimmy has been the backbone of the company since taking it over early 2020, just before COVID changed everything. She was instrumental in moving towards a virtual format when the world was in chaos, and I was lucky enough to work alongside her to bring back the in-person NCPP. 

But this is not a sad announcement - Kimmy is tackling new territory with her husband Kirk by building a whole home in the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz. You can follow along in their journey on their YouTube channel, ItFitzUs (how cute is that?!), and their Instagram with the same name. 

Kimmy, it has been an absolute honor to have even been considered by you to come into this project, and I am so blessed to call you a friend - you will always have a ticket at will call for my shows, and I hope to make you proud of where this goes.

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