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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

That's not the actual definition of insanity but Albert Einstein said it, and word on the street is he was really smart. 

While this definition is true for many many situations this doesn't always hold true. I mean if this was a non negotiable part of reality then why would we practice a move over and over and over until we get it right? Why would we sacrifice that victorious moment when it finally clicks AND we caught it on video? We wouldn't. Because sometimes doing the same thing over and over is exactly the repetition that we need. 

But we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn't at least try a different entry, another technique, a tidbit from another instructor or student that suddenly unlocked our nemesis move. 

One of the infinite lessons that I'm still learning from recent events is that you can do the same things over and over, but sometimes circumstances demand that you do them differently. Sometimes you have a choice and sometimes you don't.

For NCPP 2020 we did not have a choice. Change was unavoidable and repetition was irresponsible, so we made necessary changes, went virtual and you all showed up and made the premiere better then either of us could have imagined. 

This next show is different. It is by choice.

Instead of categories you have to fit into, we're proposing inspirations in the form of the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues. Topics to create around, interpret, mix and match if you want. You can choose to create a piece inspired by one sin or one virtue, or choose them all!

We've been in a position to witness many of these in action in recent months and it's time we had a stage to put them on. Be it a virtual stage. A stage is a stage. A platform is a platform. 

Be encouraged to use this opportunity to do things differently. Think about your performance in a way you haven't before. Train differently. And expect a different result. 


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