New Ownership!

New season, new ownership for the Pole Presentational! 

As you may have read here in the past, Morgan and I were so excited to take over our beloved local show NCPP and continue on the legacy that had been built before us, and not only that, but we wanted to take it to new heights. Together we hosted 3 shows over the course of a fantastic two years. Now with exciting life changes ahead of her, Morgan has decided to take a step back and will be supporting us from the stands. We can't wait to see what life has in store for her and what exciting things she will accomplish outside of the Pole Presentational! 

With that in mind, I needed another business partner (I am not doing all this by myself!) 

So when Kayla told me she was no longer shackled to long hours thanks to tax busy season, I knew who I wanted to take over Morgan's role and asked her to be my new co-owner for Pole Presentational. Not only is is she a wiz with numbers, but she has a unique creativity that comes so naturally to her its inspiring. Her passion for pole and vision for the future is something that can't be taught. Not to mention she's not shy about keeping me in check when I do something ludicrous,  Luckily for me, she said yes right away! My pole-posal was a success! 

We are both so excited to bring new ideas to the big screen and stage, and hope to see you in the crowd and on the pole for events to come! 

Let's all welcome Kayla to the Pole Presentational team!

 Kay Starr

Here's Ms. Starr being super awesome

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