Well we didn't see that coming!

There's an elephant in the room. Not a real elephant...(unless you are Doc Antle and you've had a pet Elephant named "Bubbles" since you were a kid...) but I digress.

As I'm sure you know, all over the world we have been fighting a global pandemic. Slowly but surely life around us has been shutting down. Nobody really knows what this means for our future or what that means for our pole industry. 

Just like being on stage, there is a lot that we can't control but we are going to focus on the things that we can control.

When Morgan and I first discussed taking over NCPP, one of the biggest reasons for her wanting to be a part of continuing this event was because every year, after training and practicing and prepping for months and months for competition she always felt a bit disconnected, and this pole presentational was an event that helped her heal her relationship with pole year after year. 

Putting together a fun routine with a friend took all the pressure off and let her focus on all of the great parts of pole that had started to fade in the season before. 

This year has been really heavy for a lot of us, myself included, and one of the things that excites me is the idea of getting back to the theatre, and watching the community I've grown up in for the last 10 years thrive on stage. There's nothing quite like seeing your friends dance their hearts out and giving them your loudest shout!

With everything going on around us and changing day to day we are staying hopeful that this year's pole presentational will happen on Saturday, October 24th and we will all get to be there to celebrate pole dance together! Even if we are all so out of shape it's laughable, and we are only getting through a 30-second routine (I would love for someone to submit a 30-second song haha) When the spotlight shines on that stage we can all let out a cheer and watch as we all dance our hearts happy!

We hope you will ride this journey out with us, fingers crossed, heads bowed, sending happy thoughts and prayers as we navigate this season and pray that we will meet on stage in October! 

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