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Come Saturday, July 9th, 2022 be prepared to see yourself on the big screen. Once again we will be premiering the show at the Cinemark Movie Theatres in Downtown Redwood City.   

 Since 2020, we have pushed and redefined what Pole Presentational could be. This year, we continue to do that with our summer show, Element. And for the first time ever we will be offering edited videos, shot with two cameras at our in person professional shoot with Leah Marie of Elle Aime Photography!

The past two years has had all of us going back to the basics. Whether you've had to restart your training from the beginning or are still killing every trick in your book, take inspiration from the world around us to create a show unlike any we've seen before and watch yourself become a star at our 2nd movie theater premier.  

Let your elements speak through you; deeply explore one or create through combination. 

The Strength of the Earth, 

The Heat from the Fire,

The Flow of the Water, 

The Lift from the Air. 

Be grounded in what you are confident in, and lift your performance to new heights by stepping out of the comfort zone. 

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