Corowners of 2020

Have you heard? We're going virtual! 

Well spoiler alert, I'm not going to complain at all in the next few paragraphs so join me for a few minutes of looking at the bright side, with my head in the clouds, and when this blog is over we can both go back to grumbling, complaining and strong opinions =) 

Originally when we took over NCPP in January, we had no idea that two months later we would be joining the "Corowners Club." (Owners who took over a company not realizing a pandemic was going to try to infect companies of the world and TRY to shut them down.)

Not today Corona!

As the months have rolled by we have continually watched as artists and the pole industry has shifted on screen, and you know what? These physical limitations have really expanded peoples creativity!

I watched a beautiful socially distanced routine performed by Kirstin Brown (owner of Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole) and Janet Cee (Twirly Tribe, SFPD, and Phoenix Aerial Art) that was shot at the beach, participated in a few fundraisers and relived some of the greatest performances of all time, attended a zoom wedding, rsvp'd to a friends virtual art show, and watched friends put together virtual watch parties.

I personally got a chance to tune into a show I was  performing in, on a screen, during dinner time, at my house, watch myself perform while sitting next to my husband and my parents, and simultaneously participate in a live chat with the audience during my own performance!! And let me tell you, I was just as nervous as if I was on stage, as if I didn't know what was going to happen next haha

It's been incredible the talent and community I've experienced from home in the last few months. When everyone was so shook that things were moving online, it's shown me an entirely new way to experience performance art. There are so many new ways to build a routine that previously were not even a consideration. 

We can still build routines under the understood structure of floor, pole, floor, pole, floor, to tell our stories and show our skills. But also, we can now build a routine about sadness and choreograph how hard it is to get out of bed, and use an ACTUAL bed! Or the freedom and joy that nature brings and dance in our backyard, or more easily convince our family members to be human props because they're going to be there anyway! And create new structures like, couch, floor, desk, pole, floor, door frame, bed!

We can turn our kitchen into a studio, create a set that is specific to our theme, have non static filming, and the limitless possibilities that editing allows!

When all of the possibilities are considered it's SO EXCITING to think about all of the things you can create and looking at your surroundings as things to dance on or with! 

And that's what we're excited about on this end. A new generation of pole! A brand new way of thinking about routine building. The possibilities are limitless. 

And we're excited to host an event with so many new opportunities. It's a time to think differently, shift our perspective. And why not start with pole dance. 


If you want some lovely social distancing art inspiration watch Kirstin and Janet Here.

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